A musical conspirator by nature, Take KaraKa found himself involved in organizing parties and running cultured music events. His passion and dedication for music has given him an almost telepathic connection with the turntables, as a consequence he has been able to project his sound in celebrations that have taken place across the globe.

His life has been influenced by different eras and sounds becoming more interested in Drum and Bass, London Acid Techno, Break Beats and Hardtek.

His strength as an artist is bringing together all his experiences and knowledge and turning them into sound pieces freed from paradigms,creating an honest sound of what he has lived through.

At this moment he is conspiring with Mudes and Cristian Saibel, also known as Diopside, to give birth through Abstrakt Perceptions, precisely selected music, where Techno and Electro are the main protagonists.

By nature it will continue to evolve, now at a more marked and consistent pace.