“Mudes” makes reference to an always evolving sound that mutates to make a perfect balance between catchy grooves, sophisticated forward thinking sounds and structures. His ability to move effortlessly between rhythms makes his style very energetic and musical at same time, always seeking to break monotony.

Originally from Venezuela, Jose Anyelo is a Dj and producer established in Barcelona spending the past few years sharpening his sound and technique. He gradually found his way into creating a unique sound, result of a vast internal landscape where he travels freely in search of inspiration.

Since 2019, Jose has joined forces in the studio with Cristian Saibel. As a duo, “Diopside” presents their own idiosyncratic spell of melodies and rhythms. Music for the heart, mind and feet.

Having a new horizon in front, they also teamed up with their friend and music partner Juan Take to form their own “Abstrakt Perceptions”.  A brand new independent label concept that calls upon a multitude of textures and blends of electronic music.