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MUDES – Stansa 09 vs Abstrakt Perceptions

By September 18, 2021October 26th, 2021No Comments

Welcome to Stansa series! This new episode, brings a super special collaboration with the barcelona based record label, Abstrakt perceptions and its talented crew of djs and producers. Who will join us in this next episodes to share its music and dj set to strengthen ties between artists and collectives.

We start with Mudes and his dj set, which includes his own music and parnerships with the Abstrakt label’s artists; Diopside and Take Karaka.

“Mudes” makes reference to an always evolving sound that mutates to make a perfect balance between catchy grooves, sophisticated forward thinking sounds and structures. His ability to move between
rhythms makes his style very energetic and musical at same time, always seeking to break monotony.

1 Valentino Mora – Raising (Original Mix)
2 Valentino Mora – Hualien
3 Marcman – Final
4 Alex.Do & Rødhåd – 160602
5 Vedomir – Musical Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
6 Mudes – Incursion
7 Wata Igarashi – Drowning With The Bass
8 Erich Schall – Gewaechs
9 Vladw – 012324.90 (Original Mix)
10 Diopside – Donguer
11 Diopside – Analog
12 Mudes – Apolaustic
13 Mor Elian – Basma
14 Wrong Assessment – Repulsion
15 Mudes – Signature
16 Mamwadi, Vicky Zissou, Felix Olofsson – First Encounter
17 Juan Trujillo – Re-Hoten (Original Mix)
18 Mudes & Take Karaka – Nereide
19 Konduku – Yol